Books for Babies - Let's Go to Sleep. Un libro para bebés en inglés para aprender a irse a la cama: ¡Interactivo y con

Books for Babies - Let's Go to Sleep
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Literatura infantil: de 0 a 12 años
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Lala, an affectionate baby Koala, is very sleepy ... Yesterday he didn't want to go to sleep!
 Luckily, with your help, he will discover how nice it is to snuggle and relax.
 Remember, you can't forget his goodnight kiss!
 This fantastic interactive story is perfect for helping your little ones relax and helps them look forward to bedtime as a time to relax.
 Let's go to Sleep is part of the Bit by bit I learn more and I grow big collection, which is a reference collection designed for children from 0 to 3 years old.
 Collection features:
 - Deals with a child's first big challenges, featuring animals as the main characters.
 - Overseen by childhood educators.
 - The stories are interactive: the children must play and help the different animals.
 - The books are made of cardboard with a handle shape and cut-out, so children can carry them more easily.
 - Illustrations are fun and eye-catching, and stand out against bright  backgrounds.
 - The last page has a flap to open, where children can see and learn about the characters before and after facing each challenge.
 - The main animal in each story encourages a friend to learn too.  
 - They are short stories, designed little one's attention span in mind.
 - The collection is a fun tool to encourage children to do the same things as the main characters in the stories.
 - The writing is in UPPER CASE, which is what children learn first. 
 - It's the ideal book collection to help babies with their first big challenges!
 Titles in the series:
 ?I Want a Bath
 ?Let's Go to Sleep
 ?Time to Eat
 ?I Can Brush My Teeth
 ?Bye-bye Pacifier
 ?No More Diapers
 ?I Dress Myself
 ?I Tidy Up After I Play
 ?Let's Play Without Screens

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