Books for Babies - I Want a Bath. Un cuento en inglés para aprender a disfrutar con el baño, interactivo, con una

Books for Babies - I Want a Bath
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Literatura infantil: de 0 a 12 años
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Ovi, a cute and funny baby sheep, will discover how great having a bath is!
 Will you help her?
 This fantastic interactive story is perfect for playing with your little ones and helps to make bath-time something fun that they can't wait to do.
 I want a bath is part of the Bit by bit I learn more and I grow big collection, which is a reference collection designed for children from  0 to 3 years old.
 Collection features:
 - Deals with a child's first big challenges, featuring animals as the main characters.
 - Overseen by childhood educators.
 - The stories are interactive: the children must play and help the different animals.
 - The books are made of cardboard with a handle shape and cut-out, so children can carry them more easily.
 - Illustrations are fun and eye-catching, and stand out against bright  backgrounds.
 - The last page has a flap to open, where children can see and learn about the characters before and after facing each challenge.
 - The main animal in each story encourages a friend to learn too.  
 - They are short stories, designed little one's attention span in mind.
 - The collection is a fun tool to encourage children to do the same things as the main characters in the stories.
 - The writing is in UPPER CASE, which is what children learn first. 
 - It's the ideal book collection to help babies with their first big challenges!
 Titles in the series:
 ?I Want a Bath
 ?Let's Go to Sleep
 ?Time to Eat
 ?I Can Brush My Teeth
 ?Bye-bye Pacifier
 ?No More Diapers
 ?I Dress Myself
 ?I Tidy Up After I Play
 ?Let's Play Without Screens

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